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Golden Buddy Bears
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Dear Visitors of the Circle of the United Buddy Bears,

these two golden bears always stand next to
the circle of the United Buddy Bears in order to give additional
food for thought about the meaning of the circle.
for going to the trouble of reading more about this subject.
Before reflecting on the special meaning of each of the
golden bears, let me add some remarks concerning the circle.


- it's a magic word. Most of us long for peace in our world
while at the same time feel that there is no chance we alone
can help contribute to this goal. The United Buddy Bears'
goal is to encourage people to make an effort to bring
peace to their own daily lives. This will cause a rebound
effect and make for more harmonious living together in
our communities and in our world.

We have to get to know each other better ...
... it makes us understand one another better,
trust each other more, and live together more peacefully.

This is the motto of the circle you may have read before.
At the first sight of the circle visitors become aware of
the symbolism - that people from all over the world ought to stand
together "hand in hand" like the Buddy Bears in the circle and
that all countries reach out for each other with equal rights,
no matter how big or small, poor or rich they are. The bears
are set up next to each other in alphabetical order of the
countries' names in the home language of the country
where the exhibition is presented.

We have to get to know each other better ...

Yes! That is how we must begin!
Is that a contribution to world peace?
Yes. If we want to live together peacefully, we must develop
understanding for others. Understanding for those
who look differently, dress differently, worship differently.
We must learn this to learn tolerance.
Tolerance is achieved by learning about the
reasons that people behave differently.

The circle of painted Buddy Bears awakens curiosity about
other countries. The individual bears are painted by artists
from countries all over the world. When they paint their bears,
they strive to share information about their countries
through their artwork. Thus,
the bears come to represent the artists' homelands.

At the Official Buddy Bear Website
visitors can read about the artists
and about the bears they have painted.
These commentaries give appropriate information
about the individual countries.
Ideally this will cause the reader to think in more detail
about these countries; about the diversity of human beings.

Since the United Buddy Bears are particularly enjoyed
by children, a marvelous opportunity arises
to teach children about different countries. The bears
can help teach children about the diversity of humans
while at the same time helping them to see that in many ways,
we are all alike. The Buddy Bears allow children to view
people of different cultures with a friendly attitude
rather than with skepticism.
In Berlin, the circle of the United Buddy Bears was frequently
used as a basis for school projects about
living in peace and harmony.
This way of thinking should not only be applied for people from
far away countries, but those we deal with in our everyday lives.
Please click "Golden Rule" to find more about this topic!

Thank you!
Eva Herlitz